What To Expect When…

Time and time again, we have heard stories from mothers that their births didn’t go to plan. Having a baby is the ultimate in relinquishing control. We can have the most thoughtful birth plan and sometimes our babies have other ideas.
TPC has launched this series of interviews with mothers we know and love to hear about their birth experience. What their hopes and expectations were. How it all played out. And what they wished they had known. We hope that these interviews help mothers feel less alone in their experience and more empowered heading into their journey.

TPC Birth Story Series:  Mrs. Nipple, Lifestyle Blogger

TPC Birth Story Series: Clair Mason, INTENSITY & Elliptica Founder

TPC Birth Story Series:  Heather Strauch, A Different Approach Physical Therapy

TPC Birth Story Series: Ariane Goldman of  Hatch Collection


TPC Birth Story Series: Amanda Morgan of Healthy Wifestyle


TPC Birth Story Series: Megan & Melissa of Westportmoms.com


TPC Birth Story Series: Jen Tooker, 2nd Selectwoman of Westport, CT


What is Midwifery?

Sara Church, Certified Nurse Midwife at Norwalk Hospital, explains the benefits of midwifery and how midwives work alongside OBs and doulas.

The Benefits of Acupuncture During Pregnancy

Common Ailments in Pregnancy and Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Dr. Jenn, Village Pediatrics, Discusses Feeding Your Infant & Toddler 
Baby’s First Illnesses & How To Manage Them 

How To Interview Potential Pediatricians 

Postpartum Doula and Baby Nurse: What’s the Difference?  

The Reality Of The First Few Days After Delivering Your Baby

Mastering the Art of Fatherhood

Motherscare Doulas Discuss Strategies for Surviving the Early Days With Baby

Barbara Greenspan, Pediatric OT Provides Games To Play With Sorting Blocks  
Barbara Greenspan, Pediatric OT Why She Loves Balls and Bath Toys for Babies  
Barbara Greenspan, Pediatric OT Ideas For Playing With Your Baby Without Toys  

Christina Schwefel of Go Figure Barre Studio Provides Information on Abdominals & Breathing


Christina Schwefel of Go Figure Barre Studio Discusses Posture  


Fit Pregnancy Club Exercise Series

Stroller Pushes:

Grocery Bag Lifts: 

Diaper Changes & Washing the Dishes: 

Crib Lifts: 

Get Ups: 

Personal Trainer Anel Dzafic of Countdown Fitness Walks Us Through Some Pregnancy-Safe Exercises

Tips For Traveling With A Baby  

Moms Returning To Work  

Helping Older Children Adjust To Baby 

Dr Jessica Bhatia of Bespoke Veterinary Services Discusses Strategies for Introducing Pets to Baby 

Siobhan McKinley, Organachs Farm to Skin, Discusses Her Favorite Mom & Baby Products