The Parent Collective Prenatal Classes: Our Prenatal Class Series is designed for couples to both learn and socialize, over the course of a four week period. Each session is 2 hours with ample time for discussion and relationship building. Our classes are best taken in the third trimester, ideally completing before 36 weeks of pregnancy. With each registration you will receive a curated goodie bag valued at over $700 that has a variety of products and offers from local businesses catering to expectant and new parents. To learn more about the types of goodies you will receive, click here.

The Parent Collective Parenting Workshop Series: Our Parenting Workshop Series will address the essentials for parents with babies and young children. Sessions on sleeping, eating, transitioning back to work, juggling life with a baby, achieving developmental milestones through play for babies, getting back into exercise, tips for surviving the early months for parents and much more. Each session is approximately 1 hour.

Our classes are reimbursable through most Insurance Provider’s HSA, FSA and HRA. Check with your provider to learn more.


Session 1: What to expect in labor and delivery

Session 2: Relaxation techniques to help you through the early stages of labor, c-sections, and options for pain management

Session 3: Breastfeeding and bottle feeding information and advice, including latching on, pumping, milk storage, getting on a feeding schedule, and how to manage problems that may arise

Session 4: Newborn care


  • Heathy Sleep Habits 
  • Weaning and Nutrition
  • Dads101
  • Promoting Positive Sibling Relationships
  • Emotional Identity Shift to New Parenthood
  • Strategies for a Positive Work/Life Balance
  • Transitioning Back to Work
  • Surrogacy & Adoption
  • How to Manage Screen Time
  • Positive Parenting
  • Infant CPR and First Aid
  • Achieving Developmental Milestones Through Play
  • Traveling with Babies and Small Children
  • The Tricks Of A Baby Nurse (Tips For Schedule & Survival)
  • Stitching Your Tummy Muscles Together, The Right Way
  • Helping Older Children to Adjust To Baby